Yvonne Waterman, The Netherlands

In the past, The Netherlands had one of the largest asbestos industries in the world. Nowadays, we reap the tears, pain and death that come as an aftermath of such industry. We are troubled by the medical, social and legal aspects that come with asbestos diseases, asbestos liability and asbestos legislation and, as each society must, we endeavor to find our path in dealing with this. Yet it should not be that each country needs to discover the proverbial wheel all over again: asbestos victims all over the world face similar problems and try to find solutions to them. We can share these burdens and by doing so, hope to prevent and ease them – learning from each other what works and what doesn’t.

As Charter Member for The Netherlands, I invite you to contact me – feel free to gain from Dutch asbestos experiences.

Yvonne Waterman, Sc.D. LL.M Netherlands@gban.net

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