Eric Jonckheere, Belgium

Dear All,

My name is Eric Jonckheere, Charter Member of GBAN for Belgium. I am also the President of ABEVA, the Belgium society for asbestos victims. As such, I try to improve the way in which Belgian asbestos victims are treated by law, society and doctors, for instance in the ways they are compensated for their terrible pain and loss of life. Realizing that asbestos is a worldwide problem, I also travel often to asbestos conferences all over the world to explain what ravages the asbestos industry has caused in my country and to warn against the use of asbestos. In my native Belgium, asbestos has already been banned: I hope to see this happen on a global scale. It is important that we share our knowledge on asbestos, to prevent needless future victims. In participating within GBAN, we will all come a bit closer to that important goal.

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