Fernanda Giannasi, Brazil

Fernanda Giannasi is the personification of the fight against asbestos in Brazil. As a Labor Inspector for the Ministry of Labor and Employment since 1983, she staunchly defends the public interest on workers’ safety and health. Giannasi is a founding member of ABREA, the association of asbestos-exposed workers in Brazil, and also coordinator in Latin America of the Citizens’ Virtual Network against Asbestos, leading thousands of workers who have filed lawsuits against the asbestos industry. Pressured by the Canadian government and in the face of death threats, offensive campaigns and criminal charges by her detractors, she is internationally well known and highly respected for her proficient and perseverant campaigning to save lives from asbestos. Not for nothing is she called ‘The Brockovich of Brazil’. See e.g.  You may read more about her on Ode: “Your money or your life.”  Fernanda@gban.net

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