Take ADAO’s “Supportive Resources in the Mesothelioma Community” Survey!

Posted on October 2, 2012

In five minutes, you can share your experiences, knowledge, and recommendations as a mesothelioma patient or caregiver by completing ADAO’s “Supportive Resources in the Mesothelioma Community” Survey.

Technology has greatly changed since Alan was diagnosed with mesothelioma in 2003. With your help, we can use the survey results to better understand what has been most helpful to mesothelioma patients and families and what is needed for the future.

In addition to the survey, I will interview some patients and caregivers to deepen our understanding about the needs and benefits of supportive resources.

Please fill out the confidential ADAO survey today, as our deadline is December 31st.

In unity,


Linda Reinstein, GBAN Co-Founder and Charter Member

Click here to complete the “Supportive Resources in the Mesothelioma Community” Survey!

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