NewsClick Video Interview of Dr. Barry Castleman: “Dangers associated with asbestos”

Published on Dec 21, 2012

“Dr. Barry Castleman, a well-known International Expert on Asbestos discusses with NewsClick on the dangers associated with asbestos. He says asbestos, a mineral fibre, is hazardous to the health of the people and to the environment. The exposure to air-borne asbestos dust causes asbestosis and lung cancer. In 2006, ILO and WHO have banned the usage of asbestos and over 50 countries have already banned it. In India, unfortunately there is no regulation on the asbestos industry.” ~ NewsClick

Dr. Barry Castleman, is a world renowned scientific expert, ban asbestos activist,  Charter Member, and hero to thousands around the world.  Please view and share this newly published video interview from India.


Linda Reinstein, GBAN Co-Founder and Charter Member

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