Dr. Richard A. Lemen, USA

When I began researching asbestos-related diseases in 1970, as a newly trained epidemiologist with the United States Public Health Service there was no uniform system beyond Index Medicus and the library.  With GBAN, which readily translates its entries into nearly 60 languages, the ability now will exist to communicate with scientists and others around the world, in their own language, interested in asbestos and it’s deadly properties on an instantaneous bases.  Such a service has never existed before.  Therefore, I welcome this new global asbestos information network (GBAN). Your active participation will greatly aid our efforts to get asbestos banned globally as well as provide information on how to prevent asbestos-induced diseases where asbestos remains in use or still exists after bans go into effect. I hope all will find this new network as readily helpful as I have. I recommend its use to all of you.

Dr. Richard A. Lemen, Assistant Surgeon General, U. S. Public Health Service (ret.) usa@gban.net

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