Barry Robson, Australia

I am a retired Union Official of the Maritime Union of Australia. I worked on the docks for 38 years and was a Union delegate for 30 years, during which time I was also Senior Vice President of the Union. In 1995, I was elected a full time Official until 2003, retiring only due to health reasons after a heart attack. My experience with asbestos was unloading asbestos on the Sydney waterfront. When elected, part of my duties was to represent the Union at ADFA (Asbestos Diseases Foundation of Australia). In this period, I was involved in the successful test case for compensation for waterside workers in Australia suffering from asbestos related diseases. I was asked in 2002 to become the President of ADFA because of the illness of the then President, Reg Stephenson. I have been elected the President every year since.

Barry Robson, President ADFA

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