“Voices on the Wall” by Jagdish Patel

Dear All,

Asbestos is now considered one of the most toxic compounds on the earth. More than 50 countries have declared ban on its use, mining, manufacturing and trading. On the other hand, contrary to this its import in India is continuously rising. Indian import of Asbestos has more than doubled in last three years. Canada is one of the major exporters of Asbestos and over 60% of its export is imported by India.

Asbestos mine in Quebec State in Canada is an open pit mine from which Asbestos is exhausted and Jeffery Company is on the verge of bankruptcy. Company has a project to start underground Asbestos mine in the same with Bank Loan. Bank has asked for guarantee from Quebec Govt. Company has succeeded in gaining 15 million investment from anonymous Indian industrialists. They are led by an Indian trader Baljit Chaddha settled in Canada.  In early December Quebec Assembly will consider the proposal. The Government is in favor of the proposal. If this proposal is finalized, for next 20 years Company will be able to export deadly Asbestos to India.

A delegation of activists of Asian Countries demanding ban on Asbestos in all Asian countries will be visiting Canada to appeal Quebec and Canadian federal Government to put an end to this proposal on humanitarian ground.

This is an occasion when we all need to raise our voice:
– in favor of the visiting delegation.
– in favor of millions of Indian citizens who are hardly aware of the looming hazard.
– in favor of public health at large.

I make strong appeal to you all to put your messages on “Voices on Wall”- Facebbook a/c of Global Bans Asbestos Network (GBAN) at http://on.fb.me/c1N4BA 

Alternatively you may send the messages to me (jagdish.jb@gmail.com) and I will post it on the FB wall on your behalf.

Campaign blog details are online at https://www.gban.net/?p=849 

“Voices on the Wall” Flyer online at http://bit.ly/eLrfMX 

We have little time left. Please express yourself fast-a short message to Prime Minister Harper to stop opening Jeffery Mines in 3/4 lines.

Jagdish Patel, GBAN Charter Member, India@gban.net

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