End Canadian Asbestos Exports to Asia

Former asbestos mine workers on hunger strike in Rajasthan, India

 “Asbestosis victims plan hunger strike”    

Former asbestos miners are silently speaking out to send Canada a powerful message: Stop mining and exporting asbestos to developing countries.  

We must encourage as many people as we can to “SPEAK FROM THE HEART” so that Canada’s Prime Minister Harper and the Canadian political leadership, to hear and consider the “Voices on the Wall” as we embrace solidarity and tell Canada it is unacceptable to mine and export asbestos to developing countries. Please invite your networks to post on the wall, and encourage them to join and share “Voices on the Wall” with their networks.  We are all demonstrating that the WORLD is watching, and expecting Canada to stop exporting asbestos NOW!  On December 8th, every “Voice on the Wall” will be printed and delivered to Prime Minister Harper.  EVERY POST IS IMPORTANT.  Don’t wait, paste this Voices on the Wall” Campaign link https://www.gban.net?p=849 into your Facebook “write something” box.     

In Unity, Linda Reinstein

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