Greater Solidarity to Ban Asbestos through Social Media by Dr. Richard A. Lemen

To my GBAN Friends, 

I would like to congratulate ABREA, ADAO, and all of the GBAN Charter Members for this successful accomplishment.  The number of people worldwide now reaching out to each other through this mass media tool is indeed astonishing and gratifying.  For the first time in my nearly 40 years of researching asbestos and recommending actions to prevent asbestos-related disease GBAN has given me and like minded people around the world a mass media tool that allows us to communicate on an instantaneous basis.  The fact that GBAN gives immediate translations in 60 languages eliminates all of our oftentimes-conflicting language barriers giving us a chance to communicate directly, something that often took weeks or months in the past to accomplish. This new media will allow us to move with greater solidarity in our goal of banning asbestos worldwide.  The internet has given the world many new opportunities and the establishment of GBAN is another of the great accomplishments that without the internet would not be possible.  I encourage all those interested in banning asbestos world wide to utilize GBAN to accomplish this goal.  

Together and in solidarity we can now have a truly international voice in achieving our goal of ridding the world of this deadly mineral and thus eliminating the hundreds of thousands of preventable asbestos-induced diseases and deaths throughout the world.  


Dr. Richard A. Lemen, Assistant U.S. Surgeon General Retired and GBAN Charter Member

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