“Thinking globally and acting locally” by Fernanda Giannasi

We had a wonderful TV News (21-22 horas) http://www.tvcultura.com.br/jornal-da-cultura/ where I was again one of the stage with an Economy, Philosophy and Ethics Professors Unicamp

I was in the whole Jornal da Cultura last night (December, 10th), but the asbestos is introduced just in the beginning as a call. The whole report is in the second part (segundo bloco) is on the right part has a small menu. 

The central debate is: the TV followed me in the inspection I did on 9/12/2010 in Leme (250 km far from Sao Paulo) which is a region where we have 2 asbestos-cement plants (one of them is the biggest national group). We are doing the best we can everywhere. Congratulations to the successful Asian journey in Canada…we are doing the difference everywhere, each one with its peculiarities. I mean “thinking globally and acting locally”. 

This next week I will be in Brasilia for 4 days meeting with the new Environmental Minister, the National President of the OAB (the Brazilian Bar Association) and 2 days fighting against the attempts the Asbestos Institute is doing to change our Environmental Resolution that classifies asbestos waste as dangerous. They want to reduce from Class D to C that means “no potentially dangerous”  I wrote this Resolution (CONAMA 348/2004) asked for the Environmental Minister in that period and in this last 6 years insidiously the asbestos lobby were getting chairs in the Commission that debates this subject and now they have 5 of 10 votes but unfortunately they got the Presidency in the last election who has the “Minerva” vote that is who decides in case of “draw” (5 -5)…a real disaster. 

Hasta la vitoria siempre! (ALWAYS IN FIGHT!)

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