Canada: “The continued sale of Quebec’s asbestos is indefensible”

Please take time to read the new January 8, 2011 “The continued sale of Quebec’s asbestos is indefensible” article.  Premier Jean Charest and the asbestos lobby are out of arguments to defend Quebec’s export of asbestos.
You can see the numerous letters, news articles and reports since June 2010 on the struggle to stop Quebec re-launching its asbestos industry here on the GBAN Canadian pageThe Quebec government will shortly decide whether to finance a new asbestos mine. All the asbestos would be exported to developing countries. Quebec’s medical doctors are showing inspiring solidarity to stop the mine, while the Quebec trade unions are lobbying for the mine to be funded. The plan is indefensible and shameful say Quebec health experts. Post your comment

Kathleen Ruff, GBAN Charter Member

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