“Why are our estimates for missed mesothelioma cases so low?” by Dr. Ken Takahashi

We already received some feedbacks from readers of our Ahead-of-Print paper of Environmental Health Perspectives (EHP) entitled “Global magnitude of reported and unreported mesothelioma.” Several points merit mention in response to the shared concern “why are the estimates so low?” Exact scientific arguments for the conservative estimation are stated in the paper, but in a nutshell, 1) Our estimates are for <already missed cases> for the period 1995-2008 most likely who have missed the opportunity to receive adequate treatment and just compensation. Our estimates are NOT for <presently being missed> cases NOR are they future projections. 2) Our estimates were calculated based on national asbestos consumption levels up to the year 1970. Most countries increased consumption since 1970, so it is very likely that mesothelioma cases from today onwards will increase from the level we reported.

Dr. Ken Takahashi (Professor, Department of Environmental Epidemiology, University of Occupational and Environmental Health, Japan) and GBAN Charter Member

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