“Observe time-trends of asbestos use by countries in full motion” by Dr. Ken Takahashi

People who are concerned about international asbestos issues have probably seen graphic presentations on “time-trends” of asbestos use (for a particular country or region). In our 2010 paper in Environmental Health Perspectives entitled “National use of asbestos in relation to economic development (Le GV et al)” we included a related supplement. The uniqueness of our graph is that its “interactive” (you can choose several options) and the trends are observable in full motion along the time-axis. This was enabled by applying a Google shareware called Motionchart. It is easy to use, so please give it a try by clicking http://envepi.med.uoeh-u.ac.jp/motionchart.html

Lastly but most importantly, our key message of the paper was: “high asbestos use by high-income countries was not sustained” and “each developing country is at a cross road, with an opportunity to choose an earlier reduction and elimination in (asbestos) use.”

Dr. Ken Takahashi (Professor, Department of Environmental Epidemiology, University of Occupational and Environmental Health, Japan and GBAN Charter Member

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