No Boundaries, No Borders

Connecting and sharing through Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Blogs just keeps improving!

This is an exciting and revolutionary time in communication, as we globally witness the power of unity and collective activism to increase education, advocacy, and community support.  It would have taken decades to accomplish what Global Ban Asbestos Network (GBAN) and others have done using the latest digital tools and social media networks.  Together, change is happening!

I wanted to share a free social media tool with you called The #asbestos Daily.  Tweets for the day are viewed easily and neatly in a newspaper format and previous tweets are archived for review. I read it everyday – it is a fast and efficient way to keep up and share news with friends and colleagues in your network.

See what you think and share your social media tips and tools on our new GBAN Facebook page.

Or better yet, attend our conference on April 1-3 and join my session: “Maximizing Education, Advocacy and Community through Social Media.” I personally look forward to welcoming you to our 7th Annual Asbestos Awareness Conference in Atlanta, Georgia!

Together, our shared commitment and work are making a difference!

In unity,
Linda Reinstein, Mesothelioma Widow and ADAO Co-Founder

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