“A Walk to Remember Victims of Asbestos” by Leah Nielsen and Stacy Cattran

GUEST BLOG: “A Walk to Remember Victims of Asbestos” by Leah Nielsen and Stacy Cattran On September 29, 2012, Leah Nielsen and Stacy Cattran will lead a commemorative walk for asbestos victims through Centennial Park in Sarnia, Canada, starting from Dow People Place at 11 AM. Approximately a thousand asbestos victims and their families are expected to participate in the Walk. Show your support, join them! For more information, see http://asbestos.cattran.ca. The sisters, who lost their father to mesothelioma, will also call to ban asbestos, to end the killer industry and for a public inquiry into the tens of thousands of deaths in Canada caused by asbestos. For asbestos dangers were long known by the asbestos industry and government officials, who denied the dangers of asbestos through an organized campaign of misinformation, junk science and cover-ups. Never was public accountability more warranted. The Walk will be spearheaded by many well-known persons in the global family of asbestos victims, such as Canadian MP Pat Martin, Dr. Barry Castleman, who is a world-renowned American scientist and scholar on asbestos, Dr. TK Joshi, a highly respected Indian specialist in occupational medicine and Eric Jonckheere, representing a Belgian asbestos victims’ group. Remember asbestos victims. Demand a public inquiry. Stop this killer industry. Join Leah and Stacy on September 29th in the Centennial Park in Sarnia, Canada!

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