Global Ban Asbestos Network Member Letter

Global Ban Asbestos Network Member Letter

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Dear GBAN Members,

Can you believe that it’s been nearly four years since GBAN was founded by the Brazilian Association for the Asbestos-Exposed (ABREA) and the Asbestos Disease Awareness Organization (ADAO)? Thanks to each one of you, GBAN has been able to serve as a powerful, free social network resource for Communication, Collaboration and Action, that is gaining international recognition as a leading resource for “ban asbestos” information worldwide.

As our reach has grown to nearly 30,000 viewers, Fernanda Giannasi (ABREA) and I are thrilled to welcome three new members in leadership roles. Lou Williams, Australian National Director, Dr. Ken Takahashi, Asian Regional Director, and Yvonne Waterman, European Regional Director, will serve as communication coordinators for the network, bringing together 33 Members from 21 countries.  For Dr. Takahashi and Yvonne, we are acknowledging the invaluable role they already play in GBAN. Lou is new to our group, an expert in social media, asbestos organizations, and educational efforts in Australia and around the world, and also a Mesothelioma Warrior.  All three presented at the 2014 ADAO conference in April and we encourage you to watch their videos to learn more.

GBAN serves as a connecting point for independent nonprofit victims organizations, public health activists and occupational safety and health organizations.  Our network is powered by volunteers and does not have any staff of our own. We rely on your posts to spread the latest asbestos-related news in your country.

GBAN welcomes your organization news, letters to lawmakers, event information, petitions, educational materials, press releases, newsletters, photos and blogs of 200 words or less, via email to Please Note: Proposed content is subject to GBAN leadership approval. GBAN does not make medical or legal referrals.

We sincerely thank you for serving as leading voices for asbestos education and awareness. GBAN is a strong and powerful reminder that the voices of “ban asbestos” advocates are truly united.

In unity,

Linda and Fernanda

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