Asbestos Disease Awareness Organization Blog “Asbestos: The Human Cost of Inaction”

Posted on June 16, 2014


The Human Cost of Congressional InactionSince this clock started ticking, 110,000 Americans have died from asbestos-caused diseases.  That’s the human cost of inaction.  Join the Asbestos Disease Awareness Organization (ADAO) and let Congress know that we have had enough. The deaths need to stop.

Email, post, and/or tweet with your social networks, U.S. Representatives and Senators — I want action now – stop #asbestos imports and ban asbestos @WhiteHouse

We only know some of the Mesothelioma Warriors’ names that are missing from these headstones, yet their tragic, preventable deaths are unknown to many Americans. Asbestos disease is underreported and the voices of the victims go unheard. ADAO’s clock starts 4,018 days ago, when my husband Alan was diagnosed with mesothelioma. He is one of hundreds of thousands of men and women who have died due to exposure to asbestos.

In 4,018 days, has anything been done to protect Americans? No. Nothing.

Since 2003, the USA has consumed an estimated 21,000 metric tons of asbestos to meet so-called “manufacturing needs.” For more information, read and share ADAO’s infographic. Take action with ADAO, day after day, month after month, until we bring an end to this tragedy. Check back for updates of our asbestos facts and figures every month.

The ticking clock will remain on the ADAO home page until something is done to stop asbestos disease. Enough is enough.

Linda Reinstein, GBAN Co-Founder


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