“Continuing health threat posed by asbestos-cement roofing: two case studies from Denmark” by Kathleen Ruff

Posted on February 4, 2015

SOURCE: Right on Canada 

KRuffAt a symposium on Why Is Asbestos Still A Health Problem? held in Copenhagen on December 12, 2014, Dr. Rolf Petersen presented two cases studies which showed individuals with mesothelioma, who had no known work exposure to asbestos. In both cases, the individuals were exposed to asbestos when they installed or replaced Eternit asbestos-cement roofing on their homes. Dr. Petersen’s presentation is available here: Non-Occupational Mesothelioma. Eternit operated a factory in northern Denmark from 1928-1986, which produced asbestos cement roofing. Many workers at the factory, as well as family members, died of asbestos-related disease. In spite of knowing that its product was causing disease and death, Eternit suppressed and falsified the evidence and went on selling millions of square metres of its asbestos cement roofing in Denmark, as well as exporting huge quantities to other countries, thus creating a health tragedy that continues today.

Kathleen Ruff, Global Asbestos Awareness Network (GBAN) Charter Member

NOTE: Below are links to three presentation links from “The Is Asbestos Still A Health Problem?” which was held on December 12, 2014 in Copenhagen, Denmark 


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