Asbestos Memorial Service, Asbestosis & Mesothelioma Association of Australia (AMAA) 8 July 2016 by Lou Williams

Posted on July 6, 2016

Lou Williams

Lou Williams, GBAN Australian National Director

I have been invited by AMAA (Asbestosis & Mesothelioma Association of Australia) to speak at their Annual Asbestos Memorial Service.

It is very special and heartwarming to have been invited to attend and speak.  I am looking forward to meeting many members of AMAA.

Annual Asbestos Memorial Service
Asbestosis & Mesothelioma Association of Australia (AMAA)
 Friday 8 July 2016

AMAA Headquarters at Seagulls Club 80 Gollan Drive Tweed Heads West
PO Box 1178, Tweed Heads, NSW 2485
Tel: 07 5587 9006 or 1800 017 758 – Mob: 0417 705 534
Email: – www.
ACN:  602 979 000


The members and friends of the Asbestosis and Mesothelioma Association of Australia welcomes you to our annual asbestos memorial service. Your presence here today is heart warming and we hope you draw comfort from the friendship and support AMAA offers you.

MC Professor Mike Capra (AMAA Patron)

9.50    Bagpipes – Sandra Capra   (AMAA Patron)

10.00    Mike Capra introduces Seagulls Club CEO Stuart Burrows

Stuart Burrows introduces Geoff Provest MP for Tweed


Brisbane Combined Unions Choir

10.10    Barry Robson – President ADFA introduces Lou Williams

10.15    Lou Williams – Social Media Voice ADFA & Australian National Director GBAN
(Global Ban Asbestos Network) – Leading the National Campaign to have the Mesothelioma Immunotherapy drug Keytruda listed for PBS.

Brisbane Combined Unions Choir  –  Asbestos Song

Prayers of Remembrance

“We come together as a community today in prayer to express our gratitude to the volunteers and community representatives who work to give greater respect, dignity and care to individuals affected by asbestos.  May these organisations, including the Asbestosis and Mesothelioma Association of Australia, continue to grow in strength as they give a voice to the most needy in our community”. Amen
“We recognise the dedication and commitment of the tireless medical staff, allied health professionals and clinicians who seek to give sufferers of asbestos related diseases dignity and respect.”  Amen

“We commemorate the sacrifice and service of members of the defence forces who have given tirelessly to protect our people and in doing so may have been exposed to asbestos.  May we acknowledge their bravery and offer them our unfailing support and gratitude both now and in the future.”  Amen

“We pray for the many carers, friends and family members who have stood by their loved ones as they undergo treatment for asbestos related conditions.  May they find strength to continue with their selfless and unfaltering efforts.”  Amen

“We offer encouragement to representatives of industry, government and the trade union movements to continue their efforts to protect the community from asbestos exposure.  May you work cooperatively and proactively to minimise the impact of asbestos both in Australia and internationally.” Amen

10.45    Bagpipes (played by Sandra Capra) as flag lowered to half mast by AMAA     Member and high school student Ethan Carr.

Minute Silence

Brisbane Combined Unions Choir  –  Waltzing Matilda

11.55     Peter Tight CEO ASEA – Thanks and Close

Lou Williams, GBAN Australian National Director

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