Presenting the ANROEV Network Newsletter “OSH Rights” Issue number 38

Posted October 17, 2016
Dear All,
Presenting the Asian Network for the Rights Of Occupational and Environmental Victims (ANROEV) Network newsletter “OSH Rights” Issue number 38.
Occupational safety and Health (OSH) Rights is a quarterly newsletter on Occupational Health and Safety issues in Asia. The newsletter contains information and news about the campaigns of the network in Asia – Mining, Victims Organising, Lung Diseases, Electronics. 
The network members are requested to provide regular updates about their work, problems and achievements to the secretariat at so that other members are kept updated. Photos, stories, case studies, blog links, findings, etc. can be shared with the help of the newsletter. Together we can and we will make a difference.
Please give your feedback and suggestions to help improve the newsletter, to enrich its contents and to enable it to become an important sharing mechanism.
The next issue of the newsletter will be released in January 2017.
The newsletter can also be downloaded from the network website at the link below
ANROEV Facebook page can be found at Please visit and share your stories
Mohit, ANROEV Coordinator


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