Asbestos in buildings for public use by Francisco Báez Baquet

Posted on July 6, 2018

By Francisco Báez Baquet

This letter is preferably addressed to those people, institutions or social structures of intermediation, which are in some way concerned with the issue of the presence of asbestos in buildings for public use, with special emphasis on the case of schools, given that the development of diseases caused by exposure to asbestos , usually occur with a significant time lag, counted from when that exposure occurs: it is the long latency time.

That makes to the children, with their longer life expectancy, be especially prone to be able to reached, after the exposure to the pollutant occurred, be reached and of what enough time has elapsed for the incurable and deadly disease to emerge.

In addition, in them the immune system is not in its optimal functional conditions, thus determining a greater sensitivity to said risk.

The Evolution has not prepared us, as a species, to deal emotionally with this type of risk.

It is normal for the effects of a dangerous material or situation to be manifested in a temporary proximity that is more or less brief, but always in the temporary environment of the event that has determined the appearance of the risk.

That is why in this there are so many skeptics, in one of the two meanings admitted in the dictionary of the R.A.E. (Spanish Royal Academy): “That does not believe or that pretends not to believe”.

It is those presumed skeptics, in particular, whom we would like to convince.

To this end, we allow you to attach a file whose text consists of a list (which does not pretend to be exhaustive), of bibliographic reviews, to all of which these characteristics can be applied :

a) These are articles that address the issue of risks of non-occupational exposure to asbestos, either in its entirety, or at least partially.

In particular, those related to the presence of asbestos in buildings, including those intended for teaching.

b) Their respective authors, mostly dealing with professionals, experts or, in their absence, activists with a long history of proven commitment to the serious approach to the issue, without concessions to a supposed sensationalism or frivolity.

c) All the texts are completely accessible through the corresponding link.

d) All texts are written in Spanish.

Please dispense that I take the liberty to importune you with this suggestion of recommended readings, and I remain at the disposition of all, for any question you may have to ask me.


Francisco Báez Baquet


Antonio Agudo Trigueros / Mesotelioma Pleural y Exposición Ambiental al Amianto (Pleural Mesothelioma and Environmental Exposure to Asbestos) / Institut Català d’Oncología, 2003. 70 pp.  and:  

Francisco Báez Baquet /  VECINDADES PELIGROSAS. Amianto y riesgo residencial (HAZARDOUS NEIGHBORHOODS. Asbestos and residential risk) /  «Rebelión». 07-02-2015 /

Francisco Báez Baquet  / Amianto e infancia (Asbestos and childhood ) / «Rebelión» 25-03-2015 /  

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Francisco Báez Baquet / Amianto y ocio. La cara oculta de la ponzoña mineral (Asbestos and leisure. The hidden side of the mineral poison) / «Rebelión», 29/03/2016 /

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Israel Narváez Romero  / Residuos peligrosos en construcción: Amianto. Catalogación, Identificación y Proceso de retirada (Hazardous waste under construction: Asbestos. Cataloging, Identification and Process of withdrawal)  / Universidad de Sevilla, Junio de 2011 – 112 págs.

Paco Puche y Antonio Bernardo Reyes / PELIGRO: amianto friable (DANGER: friable asbestos) / Simpermiso, marzo 2016.  and:  

Paco Puche y Antonio Bernardo  / Amianto y los Valores Límites Ambientales (VLA): un concepto trampa (Asbestos and the Environmental Limits Values (VLA): a trap concept)  / «Sinpermiso», 01/06/2016 , y «Rebelión», 28/06/2016  and:  

Lara Trujillo Jiménez, Asunción Freixa Blanxart, Isabel Varela Iglesias /  Materiales con amianto en viviendas: Guía práctica (I) NTP 1006 (Materials with asbestos in homes: Practical Guide (I) NTP 1006)  – AÑO 2014 – 6 págs. (amianto friable y no friable – friable asbestos and not friable-)  

Lara Trujillo Jiménez, Asunción Freixa Blanxart, Isabel Varela Iglesias  / Materiales con amianto en viviendas: Guía práctica (II) NTP 1007 (Materials with asbestos in homes: Practical Guide (II) NTP 1007) – AÑO 2014 – 6 págs. (amianto no friable – non-friable asbestos-)      

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